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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Will Slow Art help us to survive the Time Warp ?

Ivan Pope describes the interesting idea on his blog about saving artistic quality and dignity through slowing down and calls it Slow Art. The question to me is, if art created outside the real-time conditions today can measure up, if it can have a real impact on us. I know Ivan as a fast producer of art, concepts, ideas and projects - in fact I doubt the seriousness of his proposal a little bit, because he himself wound need to change into someone very opposite. Please read his interesting concept first and then lets have a little discussion !


  1. Hans, well, horses for courses as we say here. I'm not saying everyone nor even many people could take this approach. But I'd suggest that we already are always searching for the common thread that underlies our ongoing work - our project so to speak - and taking a slow art approach might be to merely understand that project and work within it over a long period rather than to expect to keep inventing something new and stunning each month!
    But let the discussion commence!

  2. Yes, perfectly understood, I guess many professors at Art Academies giving kind of these advices to their novices ;-)) Anyway very interesting thought, only I think it does not matter fast or slow, as this is relative. Moreover we can not influence what will be left of us little artists in 100 years, whats worth to be kept in awareness. So we are back with the main question, what we want to do with our artistic life, where and how to put our energy. What to change to what. Maybe it's not the most bad approach to invent every new month something new and stunning, if we expect this from ourself .