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Monday, April 13, 2009

Contemporary theatre/dance projects, video artists in Georgia needed

The 4th Edition of the international theatre festival Artetherapy in Slovakia is looking for contemporary theatre/dance projects, video artists in Georgia.

The main theme of the festival is PROTECTED TERRITORY . The aim of this year of the festival, which will take place around Banská Bystrica city in October 2009 is bring to the Slovak culture concept committed and socially actual discussion towards the theatre art from countries which inhabitants suffers or suffered a certain kind of political - war- civil threat, to talk about the need of perception of this kind of themes. 

The festival will show 15 performances in his main program from countries of Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, Palestine, Poland, Czech, Hungary and Slovakia and create around them the additional program of discussions, workshops, presentation of the relevant topics and messages which each country brings from its local context and which will support the main topic of the festival - finding the symbols of humanity in the middle of different kind of problems which each country suffers from.

If you are involved in Georgian theatre/dance/ or video projects please contact for participation:
Slavka Daubnerova/Slovakia at

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