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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twitter: Possible Chances and Dangers for Artists

As Twitter became extremely popular the last weeks we can have a first look on the advantages for artists:

Possible Chances

-Initiate attention towards your art work world wide

-Post your Art visual to Twitpic and tweet it instantly

-Create and maintain and interact with your audience, with your fans

-Create multiple identies with different Twitter Accounts, for example one in your native language for tweeting your homeland local fans and one in English for your world wide activities

-Follow other Artists, Gallerists, Collectors and various news creators

-Keep a "real time" ongoing art discussion

-Create attention around your favorit art issues

-Let your followers with your projects interact, create art interacting with Twitter

-Use real-time image delivery for your art for example with service like TwiPic

Possible Dangers

- Twitter can be very time consuming

- Twitter is heavily related on the "Now" instead of questions regarding Past and Future

- Twitter may support in its shortness more the dull soap discussions

What do you think ? Lets discuss here or on Twitter.

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  1. I think that overall the opportunities are better than the dangers for artists on Twitter. The key is to differentiate yourself. I see so many people whose bios include that they are photographers, and I wonder if this is becoming like the "social media expert" of the art world on Twitter? To need to make it clear via your tweets, URL, or bio how you are different than other photographers.

  2. Hello Beth, yes indeed, everybody nowadays may pick a (cheap) camera and everybody may publish the works to the public. 20 years ago, one was only a photographer when established as one, via shows in Galleries, Art books, Calendars. It seems as if a democratization of art is going on and in the art world the photo camera is probably to most democratic media, also because the criteria are more flowing, than for example in painting. A photo, if it's not good enough to be art, it is still just a photo/image/picture. A bad painting is a bad painting, but a bad photo does not exist (but in fact also a bad painting is not existing I guess, it all depends on the viewer) I think you had it about a different point, anyway, thanks for commenting !