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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beuys Filz TV via Youtube

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flag of Georgia


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Invert Buzkashi Series by Hans




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Friday, February 19, 2010

A Visit at Elene Akhvlediani's studio

One of the well known Georgian Artists is Elene Akhvlediani, who lived from 1901 till 1975. She was one talented artist of her generation with - David Kakabadze, Lado Gudiashvili and Keto Magalashvili - to start her works in the early decades of the Twentieth century in Paris.

When showing her new paintings in a Parisian Gallery, Georgian Landscapes from memory, Picasso asked her to buy this Painting "Kakheti" from 1924

From Studio visit Elene Akhvlediani

but she refused to sell it.

Picasso liked her attitude and gave her this print (Litho ?) with his dedication. (It was stolen in the 1990s and is still lost.)

From Studio visit Elene Akhvlediani

She was a strong and powerful character, both in her work and in life.

From Studio visit Elene Akhvlediani

On this image she is seen together with another famous Georgian "Parisian" Artist, Lado Gudiashvili.

You can visit her Studio on Kiacheli Street 12, which is a House-Museum of Elene Akhvlediani today and get told wonderful stories about her life buy the charming guide Tamila. Find this venue here on Gowalla:

Open from Tuesday till Saturday from 12- 4 pm.


From Studio visit Elene Akhvlediani

From Studio visit Elene Akhvlediani

From Studio visit Elene Akhvlediani

From Studio visit Elene Akhvlediani
On this piano in her house often played Sviatoslav Richter

From Studio visit Elene Akhvlediani

From Studio visit Elene Akhvlediani
I am proud to stand next to her house' Dedas Bodzi Column

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Artist Alexander Cherkezishvili about symbols in his Art

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Impressions of Irma Sharikadze's show "Sisters" at GMG Moscow, Russia

«Letters» project by Irma Sharikadze

The original project «Letters» is perceived in Moscow as national and feminine project. Georgian artist Irma Sharikadze explores the character of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo as a metaphor of artistic, feminine and national identity.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

David Djindjikhachvili film & photography

David Djindjikhachvili, "Hotel Iveria", 2004 (c)

David Djindjikhachvili, "Landscapes Costa", 2007 (c)

David Djindjikhachvili, "Marmer in brons", still from the film, 2001 (c)

David Djindjikhachvili, "Wolf" 2006 (c)

David Djindjikhachvili, artist, filmmaker, photographer.

David Djindjikhachvili was born in Georgia in the year 1975. He grows up and
completes grammar school in Tbilisi during the intense period of political and social
changes. Being raised in an artistic family he develops from the youngest age the
sculpting, drawing, and painting skills.

In 1995 he starts the studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where his
artistic work acquires a new direction. During this time he develops a strong interest in
filmmaking, graduating in 1999 from the Audiovisual Department. In the postgraduate
Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam he deepens the conceptual and practical understanding
of the moving image still further graduating in 2001.

In his artistic practice up to date he is not daunted by the scale or nature of the projects,
and is thus always finding ways of unique artistic expression by taking charge of the
projects and imposing his own ideas and standards on the film and photography.

David currently lives and works in Amsterdam.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nugzari's Uncle

From 2010-interesting

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hans Heiner has also a new blog

still tweaking with the design a little bit ;)

Richard Wilde and Artybuzz

Richard Wilde





Richard, feel free to add some words here about you. Welcome to the Club !

HEP China BEIJING (Human Emotion Project)



Saturday 16 January 2010 and will run until 21 March 2010

at: AFA - Beijing, Beijing Contemporary Art Centre

The Exhibition will be divided in the following 4 sections which will run simultaneously in the 4 rooms of AFA - Beijing CONTEMPORARY ART CENTRE:


Dave Swensen Until Death Parts Us 01:23 - USA
Nicole Rademacher Walk With Me 01:16 - USA
Khairy Hirzalla Looking for 01:54 - Jordan
Hakan Akcura Catharsis 05:25 - Turkey/Sweden
Larry Caveney Arm Wresting Intervention 08:51 - USA
Kim Miller Thanx for Meeting Me Here 03:11 - USA
Vienne Chan Nightdance 05:53 - HK/Canada
Irina Gabiani Samaia or Triamazikamno 06:26 - Luxembourg
Chan Ka Keong The Dancer and the Guard 02:42 - Macau
Basmati Corpus Tracks 05:17 - Italy
Xenia Vargova Tutu 03:10 - Bulgaria
Ng Fong Chao Redemption 10:55 - Macau

Loss & Desire

Gaia Bartolini Unseen Dialogue 07:21 - Italy
Daniel Chavez Self Examination – I Am Nothing 02:38 - USA
Michael Douglas Hawk Bubble Girl 02:14 - Germany
Richard Jochum Mama 01:34 – Austria/USA
Alison Williams Cage-panic 01:46 - RSA
Debbie Douez Two in One 03:18 - Spain
Manfred Marburger Proud 02:15 - UK
Gili Avissar Self portrait-Dead artist 00:34 - Israel
Jose Drummond The Illusionist 01:58 – Portugal/Macau
Masha Yozefpolsky Deep Freeze Israel
Bianca Lei Won Ton noodles, I love …… IT ! 13:00 - Macau
Li Xiaosong In Cloud 06:30 - China


Amina Bech Tranquility Inverted 03:40 - Norway
Bill Millett The Book 06:46 - UK
Anders Weberg Undisclosed beauty 03:13 - Sweden
Glenn Church Fragility 05:33 - UK
Alison Williams & Anders Weberg Mirror Mirror 02:30 - RSA/Sweden
Christy Walsh Isolation 03:28 - USA
Alberto Guerreiro Transcendent 04:30 - Portugal
Alicia Felberbaum There and Back 02:47 - UK
Sue Pam-grant Portrait 03:26 - RSA
Danny Germansen Alienation & loneliness 01:59 - Denmark
Li Mu Travel 03:34 - China
Alice Kok The Duet 03:21 - Macau


Adamo Macri OOC 05:51 - Canada
Ebert Brothers Bluescape 02:57 - Germany
Verena Stenke/Andrea Pagnes Crossing 02:44 - Italy
Robertina Sebjanic Bubble 06:02 - Slovenia
Niclas Hallberg The Crying Man 01:23 - Sweden
Michael Chang Concerto Azzurro 06:10 - Denmark
Paolo Bonfiglio Mater 07:20 - Italy
João Ricardo Scarleet 07:04 - Portugal
Cindy Ng Walking 09:25 - China
Peng Yun Ninth Day Windy 03:12 - China

“Paradox”, “Loss & Desire”, “Transformation” and “Fantasy” are the chosen proposals for understanding video art, its own multiplicity and the reunion around the imaginative subject of The Human Emotion Project (HEP).

The artists in “Paradox” investigate the contradictions between documentary and performance, fact and fiction, order & chaos. What is real and what is staged? The absurdity of real life, the ambiguity of movement and the enigma of space are some of the perceptions raised in “Paradox”.

“Loss & Desire” explores the ambiguity of misplaced feelings from the philosophical aspect to the emotional. The strong deficit of engagement, the desire for connection and the interior struggle for clarity are permanent in each work.

The power of “Transformation” is a vibrant and integral part of our lives. The mystery of life changing, the spirituality of isolated gestures and sounds and the manipulation of these elements compose a space of reflection and intimacy.

“Fantasy” draws inspiration from the apparent fascination of lively graphic imagery. The looping of the modern era, the provocation of literature, the encounter with the fantastical and the employment of technology indulge the process of these visual stories." from José Drummond, HEP China Curator

Hep China, Curator: José Drummond

Hep director:
Alison Williams