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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I wish you all the best and the right balance for the coming year 2009! The main thing is to be allright in a strange and confusing world. This mirror down, the magic illusion of Carmen, should remember you that also in the coming year we have to find our own way between desire and obligation. Every time we are thinking we have a choose and in the same moment our heart can destroy our rational illusion ;-) ... Be careful and enjouy the life!

Ralph Hälbig, Leipzig, 31.12.2008

A spanish illusion of Carmen taken from the caucasian artist photographer Irma Sharikadze!


Happy New 2009 by Nini Palavandishvili

From Art Club Caucasus-various works

nini palavandishvili
+99599 337702
+49176 27211953


To all the Clubbers - Start your engines...

Best wishes from the beach

madoff color of money

madoff color of money
dec 2008
digital image
211 x 221 cm

Opulent paintings from the Venetians 2007 series by Mark Stone



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New Visual Impact awaits you for 2009 from the Art Club Caucasus

From Old Carpets Central Asia+Caucasus


2009 will be a great year for Art, we the Art Club Caucasus are ready for new universes of ideas, inventions, discoveries, whether it is art or it slightly failed to be... We take the risk ! Be 2009 peaceful for us, give us health, energy and strength + the believe in the power of art + the help of our goddess, good faith, the right touch of our brushes, inspiration.

Thank you all for taking part. Thanks for following us.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New illustrations by Robin Bastien

From Art Club Caucasus-various works

From Art Club Caucasus-various works
Robin Bastien
Graphic / Web dude

Dagestan Carpet

From Old Carpets Central Asia+Caucasus

more here:

Old Carpets Central Asia+Caucasus

Monday, December 29, 2008


cry, originally uploaded by shohei ■.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

PHOTOGALLERY: Armenia. Works by Mari Minasyan.

Mari Minasyan's great photography from Armenia.

There is no home unless we find it in ourselves.
I am a self-seeker, as everybody else. I do search. I do experiment. And I dream…
Life is an experiment. Life is a dream.
Photography is a mirror of my reality, my own reflection. Whatever I shoot that is all about me. That is all about you as well, because I cannot exist without you. You give the freedom to see myself in a new and unexpected way, to know who I am. You inspire me.
That is all about the theatre and the illusion of the existence.
Moment. There is something very magical in it. One moment-one life. That is what I create - visual diaries of special moments that tell stories.

April 11, 2008
Gevorgyan Gallery, Yerevan Armenia

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shower curtain of the mother of Bill Rogers

for grijsz, originally uploaded by giveawayboy.

for grijsz

very cool, thanks !

MUSIC & MOVING GRAPHICS: Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - In Reminices Of Georgian Impressions Of Me ...

Trioon I - Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto isn't a caucasian artist but I know some very talented musicians in Georgia with a huge tradition of education in music. Natia Sartania, Koka Nikoladze und Nika Tsereteli are some of interesting people there. The other generation around the artist group "GOSLAB" are famous in other parts of the world. Nika Machaidze, Tusja Beridze and Gogi Dzodzuashvili had concerts in different countries. And artists for visuals can you find here too.

Influences from different parts of the world coming here for a long time. Not only in ealier times ... also in this modern times you can descover many "avantgard"-artists here.

I remembered me that Ryuichi played a Christmas Song. I would like to post this one for the readers here and in my remininces of my meetings with this georgian peoples in the last years ... but now I located this music video. It is amazing!!! Listen it now!

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2009 and last athmospheric days in 2008. Please made a rest!!

Ralph Hälbig - In the Night of the second Christmas Day!


Friday, December 26, 2008

The Paper Boat as a Crown

Our art makes us kings in our kingdoms;
4 me Irakli Charkviani became a king by "Paper Boat" and I painted this.

'Stacked up - futures'

L.A.B. - Stack:troubadour - 2 block on Arches paper
Paddy Hamilton

Palimpsest version (with bells and dancing girls) - For the New Year and all it's nefarious opportunities

Short questions-short answers on art, part 1

Why is it good, that the Art Market crashes ?

Because its good that our values get some adjustments !

Explanation by Hans:

How can it be responsible to sell/buy some shit painting for lets say 200.000 EUR ?
An artist doing that without any regrets, is no artist for me, because he states that he probably thinks, that his painted shit could be worth that big money !?

How megalomaniac can an pseudo artist be, accepting any such sum for his poop ?

Prices for average art works should not exeed more than lets say 20.000 EUR, every cent above this should go for charity, to hungry people, to kids, schools, to teachers, it should be invested in our society.

Imagine, that my wife is educating and raising 25 little young Georgian boys and Girls at the first form, thus beginners in the age of 5-6 years old. It's one of the most responsible jobs in our society, to raise these kids with a true and good new education (we see today how many states failed to do that the right way)

Formally she teaches 4 hours a day by 5 days a week by 4 weeks a month. That makes 80 hours of the hardest work you can imagine. (try it for one day in front of 25 little personalities)

You know, how much she gets paid for this job ?

200 Lari per month, thats approximately 70 EUR, per month ! Not per day, like you earn probably our dear average reader.

We do not count here, that she needs a minimum of 2 hours per day at home to prepare her lessons carefully (can you imagine what happens, if you come without  a good plan in front of 25 kids ?)what amounts to another 40 hours per month (I know she spends more time on that)

So, there is a huge gap. Not only a gap, its  a crying injustice ! Here a crap shit work, that costs 200.000, there a teacher, who does the most important work for our future, who needs to work 1000 months at school for that sum, if he earns 200. Thats 83 years of work at school, can you imagine ? She studied 6 years at University for this work !

So let happen the crash of this kind of stupid art market and never recover again, but lets send more artists in our schools to teach !

For that the artists learn, what real work is...

Any comment ?

Stalin by Nikolai

Stalin, originally uploaded by hvala23.

via Flickr I found this amazing set of works by Nikolai, I'll post from time to time some more of his lino cuts and wood cuts. Very strong, long time not seen, great, koroche, very good and great stuff, check it out at

and don't forget to write some comments about what do you like and if in case what not

Some nice impressions of yesterdays opening of new paintings by Nugzari Natenadze

From Opening Nugzari Natenadze
We drink on Nugzari's show with great powerful new paintings

From Opening Nugzari Natenadze
He is really a great friend

From Opening Nugzari Natenadze
Graf Oto von Rubin discussing some Art related problems

From Opening Nugzari Natenadze

From Opening Nugzari Natenadze
Archile Darchia (left) from Old Gallery came over, he is also a collector of Nugzari's paintings

From Opening Nugzari Natenadze
Gia Bugadze, rector of Tbilisi Art Academy gives an interview to TV

From Opening Nugzari Natenadze
Nugzari himself gives some answers to TV

From Opening Nugzari Natenadze

From Opening Nugzari Natenadze

From Opening Nugzari Natenadze
Nugzari correcting some hanging

It was a great evening with lots of fun and new paintings ! If you missed it, the show is open till January 5th on Chardin Street, opposite of Baia Gallery

Thanks a lot to Lela Meparishvili for the photos !

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas diner in Cincinnati

Smoke by Irma Sharikadze

Email me, Dandy !

Email Me Glitter Graphics

Email Me Glitter Graphics

Email Me Glitter Graphics

Email Me Glitter Graphics

Email Me Glitter Graphics

From Drop Box

Love Glitter Graphics

Sexy Glitter Graphics

From Drop Box

The news just keeps getting stranger.

by aongarcia

Marx' Kapital as Manga hits Japanese Bookstores

soon in Europe aswell

The Abfaelle Land by patricia london ante paris

tal 61, originally uploaded by patricia london ante paris.

the apfele land
magazine edited by patricia london ante paris
established 2005

Lado Pochkhua "Ann Arbor Albums" 2004-2005

... I don't really know what kind of art I will produce in 2018, but here are my sketchbooks from 2003-2005. I was living in Ann Arbor, Michigan and I was working a lot with paper, inks and acrylics ...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

VIDEO: Home. By Levan Kakabadze.

More about Levan Kakabadze:

* Invited Guest: Levan Kakabadze

* Levan Kakabadze Photography And Video Arts

* Myspace: Levan Kakabadze

Stalin+Hugo Schmeisser

stalin+hugo schmeisser, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Hans Heiner Buhr + Graf Oto von Rubin

The Stalin Portrait is for sale

EUR 250.00

Malika by Gela Daiauri

He is a great Georgian, a great Khevsur, a great man ! Gela ! Merry Christmas, Gela !

What kind of work will be bought in 2018 ?

Happy Christmas, dear Art Club Members and Art Club Caucasus Readers ! I wish you some nice days with your family and friends, enjoy your time, relax from the "quite difficult" but still very good 2008.

Here is a question to you to think about, if you are in the mood for that:

What kind of art will be bought in 10 years from now ? Will it still be paintings, prints and drawings, or something else ?

Will it be digital media, video ? Will it be just an USB Stick with a work ?

Think, that the future collectors generation now growing up, look often to painting as some kitschy old fashioned thing, almost ridiculous and stoffy.

Will there be huge flat screens in houses, (on the places where now the huge paintings are), where are our works digitally displayed ?

Will it even be so, that collectors buy a whole blog like this, lets say for 250.000 USD ? But who should get the money then ? We share it proportional to the amounts of posts each of us did ;-))

But how to buy a blog ??

It's very easy, 1st we take the money, 2nd with 2 clicks we make the buyer the Admin of this blog ;-)

Will it be, that collectors rent artists for a certain contract/project ?

Will big media companies like Google pay groups of artists, just to play arround and develop new visual concepts ?

We must invent the future by thinking it. We must prepare to the changing world around us and influence the changes itself.

Best regards, Hans