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Friday, December 26, 2008

Short questions-short answers on art, part 1

Why is it good, that the Art Market crashes ?

Because its good that our values get some adjustments !

Explanation by Hans:

How can it be responsible to sell/buy some shit painting for lets say 200.000 EUR ?
An artist doing that without any regrets, is no artist for me, because he states that he probably thinks, that his painted shit could be worth that big money !?

How megalomaniac can an pseudo artist be, accepting any such sum for his poop ?

Prices for average art works should not exeed more than lets say 20.000 EUR, every cent above this should go for charity, to hungry people, to kids, schools, to teachers, it should be invested in our society.

Imagine, that my wife is educating and raising 25 little young Georgian boys and Girls at the first form, thus beginners in the age of 5-6 years old. It's one of the most responsible jobs in our society, to raise these kids with a true and good new education (we see today how many states failed to do that the right way)

Formally she teaches 4 hours a day by 5 days a week by 4 weeks a month. That makes 80 hours of the hardest work you can imagine. (try it for one day in front of 25 little personalities)

You know, how much she gets paid for this job ?

200 Lari per month, thats approximately 70 EUR, per month ! Not per day, like you earn probably our dear average reader.

We do not count here, that she needs a minimum of 2 hours per day at home to prepare her lessons carefully (can you imagine what happens, if you come without  a good plan in front of 25 kids ?)what amounts to another 40 hours per month (I know she spends more time on that)

So, there is a huge gap. Not only a gap, its  a crying injustice ! Here a crap shit work, that costs 200.000, there a teacher, who does the most important work for our future, who needs to work 1000 months at school for that sum, if he earns 200. Thats 83 years of work at school, can you imagine ? She studied 6 years at University for this work !

So let happen the crash of this kind of stupid art market and never recover again, but lets send more artists in our schools to teach !

For that the artists learn, what real work is...

Any comment ?

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