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Monday, April 27, 2009

Horse Thief Issues

From Art Club Caucasus works by various artists

This is Maya Green on horse back, an Australian artist I met in Georgia back in 1996, who gave me a great time this evening with the hint to discover the famous, but to me so far unknown, paintings on the Horse-Thief-Bush-Ranger-Australian-Legend-Theme of Ned Kelly by Sidney Nolan ! Wow ! I think when digging very very deep in my conscious, I heard of both of Nolan and of Kelly. But to be honest, that was a real discovery to me !

The famous bushranger Ned Kelly inspired Australian painter Sidney Nolan on a lengthy series of paintings imagining images in the bandits life - leading him to great pictoral inventions.

Sidney Nolan, The Slip. Source: Wikipedia

Ned Kelly's short life is so extraordinary packed with adventure that you should take the time (+-20 min) to read on in one of the best !! Wikipedia Articles I ever experienced.

Sidney Nolan got inspired by that colorful and violent short life, and I can imagine not a minor role played that strange Don Quixote like armor Kelly wore in the Australian bush fighting the State Police:
"At about dawn on Monday 28 June, Ned Kelly emerged from the inn in his suit of armour. He marched towards the police, firing his gun at them, while their bullets bounced off his armour. His lower limbs, however, were unprotected and he was shot repeatedly in the legs." Wikipedia

Kelly on Horse: Source: Nolan Gallery

See more images of Nolans series here:

and here a slide show of 24 works (Burke and Wills Series, great camels + desert !)

There is a book on Amazon I ordered already:

(Contact me for if you are in Tbilisi to see it)

I  am fascinated to have discovered this theme of the "Horse Thief" again in a way very unexpected, thank you Maya !!

Hans Heiner Buhr, 2007, from the Horse Thief Series

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