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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Learning from Bildzeitung !

From montag

Yesterday I read on one of my favorite +- 800 followed blogs, that 2009 will be (not) the Year of Twitter, no, but, the year of Video ! Wow, wasn't video for a long time integrated, we think ? Yes, it's used wildly since the big days of Youtube but maybe not with the documentary and artistic power and with the network potential this medium has.

A small+easy to use VideoCam called Flip is a huge success in the US (Thanks to Oprah, who also gave Twitter a boost recently) and Bild, the biggest German+European yellow press news paper reinvented Flip for a much cheaper price, called Vado, nice name btw, and selling it very successfully on Amazon for under 70 EUR. Bild now gets videos from all over Germany by its readers. Jeff Jarvis covers this development on his blog with "Flipping for the Flip" + 2 interesting video interviews 

Lets take on this nice idea. Sure all of you have a little videofunction in your cell phone or photo camera (I even consider to get myself a Vado) and can shoot a minute or two about you and your studio, show us the progress of a recent work or things which you inspire. 

Post them to Youtube and embed here or send them to me and I'll do it.

Lets interact more closely. Give me your ideas of our video-network. 

Lets TWITTER ;-) 
I know some Art Club related Twitterers:

Lela Meparishvili:

Any other Art Twitterers ? Please post in the comments !

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