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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ARTIST: Tamuna Sirbiladze is on the ART I 40 I Basel

Franz West - Galerie Gisela Capitain exhibition featuring Tamuna Sirbiladze

By Astrid Wege

Franz West's exhibition "Plakatentwurfe"(Poster designs) began with instructions from the artist: "As in my earlier PaBstucke," West states in a wall work directly next to the entrance, "the designs are not merely for reception but rather for interaction." At once both invitation and interpretation, his introduction marks a shift in emphasis.

The PaBstucke--amorphously suggestive hybrids between sculpture, prosthetics, and cult objects--shed light, by virtue of their various use-possibilities, on the relationship between art object and recipient; the "Poster Designs," 2000--works on paper, wood, and foam that refer to the current show as well as to past exhibitions by West and his friends--make reference more to the gallery space. They are intended to provoke a different relationship between artwork, exhibition space, and recipient--an agenda West shares with the various artistic endeavors to undermine or reconfigure the conventional white cube and the conditions of reception that it implies, but which he pursues with his own sense of irony.

The entry room showed, in West's words, two "examples of hanging methods": Organized in groups of three or four, in one case the works were hung from the top edge of the wall; in the adjoining room some were placed on the floor, leaning against a wall "specifically prepared for that purpose" by Georgian artist Tamuna Sirbiladze. The installation was completed with a circular seat-sculpture in the middle of the room. With its reference to the seating provided in nineteenth-century museums, and despite its ambivalent status between art-object and use-object, Puf functioned as a reminder of a contemplative approach to art and thus stood in counterpoint to the possibility of rearranging the works--an invitation the gallerist underscored by pointing out the gloves laid out for that purpose. Read the entire article here



Born Tbilisi, Georgia
Lives and works in Vienna

2007 Inconcurrence, galerie ColletPark, curated by Franz West, Paris
2006 Esperimento Illuminismo, Group show, Albertina Museum Vienna
2005 Camere/Chambers, Group show, Rum, Roma
The Red Thread, Educational Alliance Gallery, Group show, New York
Seconda, Biennale internationale d'arte di Ferrara, Group show, Ferrara
2004 Update, Kunstlerhaus, Vienne Museum of Modern Art, Group show, Passau
Le Opere I Giorni ,Certosa Di San Lorenzo, Padula, Group show, Salerno
2003 La-Bas, Nexus kunsthalle Saalfelden, Saalfelden , Austria curated by Smidt-Wulfen
Project 21 One day Show, Zwanzigerhaus, Vienna , Group show, Curated by Amer Abbas
Franz West and Friends, Collaborative Show by Act, London 2003
Junge Kunst, Gallery 442, Group show, Gmunden , Austria
2002 English Dictionary, Mac, Group show, Marseille
Parlez-vous français? Group show, Gallery Hohenlohe& Kalb , Vienne
2001 Point of View, Künstlerhauspassage, Group show, Vienna
Plakatenwürf, Gallery Gisela Capitain, Collaboration with Franz West, Cologne
Space Off, Supersaat Gallery, Group show, Vienna
Spiders, Gallery X, Vienne
2000 Juana e Juanita, Galleria Juana de Aizpuru,
Group show, Madrid
Cultural Sidewalk, Gumpendorf, Vienna, Group show, Curated by Heidulf Gerngross
1999 The Sun Will Rise, Old Gallery, Tbilisi
1997 Bricks and Kicks, Weather, Vienne

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Pour sa première exposition personnelle à Paris, à la galerie ColletPark, l'artiste géorgienne Tamuna Sirbiladze présente des installations vidéos, des tableaux de grand format et des dessins.

Tamuna Sirbiladze, Der Geist ist ein Knochen

Tamuna Sirbiladze, Immaginando terre condivise, Palazzo Lantieri, Gorizia, 2006 A Contemporary Art project by Zerynthia

It Has Never Happened, 2005
acrylic on canvas
190 x 150 cm.

Diabolic, 2006
acrylic on canvas
200 x 165 cm.

Dreamt – Shelfs With Transparent Dishes, 2005
acrylic on canvas
200 x 180 cm.

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