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Saturday, June 13, 2009

LOVE BY SHOES on 8th of June!!!

From Art Club Caucasus works by various artists

So, dear Art clubers, on Tuesday, at 16th, me and Laloseli invite u on our 1 object show "LOVE BY SHOES".

It's about the phenomenous, how we r throwing shoes, and at the same time giving lourel wreath 2 someone (something ).

The show will be in the garden of the Georgian literature museum, same place where Hobby gallery is (down from Tbilisi Marriott), 8 Chanturia street. Doors will be opened at 5:30. As we don't have a sponsor, we made decision about brewering our own beer 4 the show, so let's see what will happen, as it's our 1st beer :D

see u there!!!

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