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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16 ; 5:30 PM ; Georgia Literature Museum ;

‘Love By Shoes’


· During the regime of Saddam Hussein the family of a journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi was one of the subjects of a repression.

· The "libratory" movement initiated by George Bush overthrew the dictatorship.

· On the press conference held in 2008 as an expression of protest Muntadhar al-Zaidi took off his shoes, threw it to George Bush and named the president as a ‘dirty dog’.


- This is what kills me… – a guy lights up a cigarette - Give me a light!’

The bite…

- Why don’t you give up?

- What shall I do then?..


· According to the spread opinion, human is the part of a nature...

· In order to improve the living conditions, human constructed a factory and soon after acknowledged that he damages the ecosystem.

· In order to save the ecosystem, human constructed ecologically clear factory…

· The damage is partially decreased…


COCA COLA was an unembodied dream for Soviet space dwellers for years…

We queued up for Mc. Donald`s In independent Georgia for weeks...

The ‘magic red liquid’ is ‘the best cleaning mean for bathrooms’ and the ‘long wished Big Mac’ is ‘a straw full of pesticides’… - Declares the Post homosovieticus with the face full of pride and hatred…

The number of `Restaurant` Mc. Donald’s is increasing in the central districts of Tbilisi and remains as ‘the best place for arranging happy days for children’…

‘Love By Shoes’ – Adoring and ruining of the idols created by ourselves.



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