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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Watercolors by Guy Richards Smit

Guy Richards Smit, Watercolor on paper

Guy Richards Smit, Watercolor on paper

Guy Richards Smit, Watercolor on paper

17 years ago I met Guy painting like an wild animal on huge canvases and after a couple of years in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Brussels, Paris and the Provence he decided to go back to his home town New York, the place closest to all events and to the art world and to start a new life allover again.

He became as Jonathan Grossmalerman a celebrated art world show performer, made booklets, paintings, videos and has success with the Maxi Geil and Play Colt Rock group. Always interested in illustration and comic-like drawings Guy got at a certain period his inspirations by Polish Satire Magazines, which he bought in his Polish neighborhood in Brooklyn. His messy studio had been often a warm place for guests and friends from abroad, I will never forget the inspirations I got with him at my short stay in 1999.

Guy's watercolors mirroring real or surreal events on imagined front pages of leading newspapers combine his unique drawing qualities with his interest in todays actual political life and its medial interpretations.

Hey, Guy, nice to see you here, with one foot in the Caucasus already !