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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Some ideas and ideas for our 1st Reunion

As you dear members realized, I would like to create a loose network around the Caucasus, but of course we could meet from time to time to discover new art, new experiences, and yes, not to forget the new parties... I remember in 1996 I wanted to have a gigantic show of Rammstein at the top of one of the Khevsurian mountains, but Till or his management was not ready for that idea then. Time changes and taste too, so we will have other parties.

The idea is, that I would like to invite you to a remote Mountain region, where we will go by an uncommon way and relax there a couple of days, make art, or go fishing, or what you want. I do not tell you the destination, but just put one photo here

, originally uploaded by grijsz.

After like 7 or 8 days, we could go down to Tbilisi, have a little party there, and then go either

- to the wonderful Art Villa Garikula

- or to the Black Sea beach (the Black Sea beaches will be pretty crowded in the 2nd half of August)

The date:

I intend on the 2nd half of August, as my teaching in Tbilisi starts on September 1st, but I am free, to discuss with you other or better dates. To date most of your are still pretty free in their planning for 2008, so it would be best to set a clear date as soon as possible and everybody of us can decide about the possibility to join or not. All together you could plan 2 weeks, but if one or the other has only 10 days time or even 8, that would be also fine.

The money:

The project and the Club is not in any way connected to Kaukasus-Reisen, so I try to organize for us the cheapest possible way. But still we need to pay for some transports, food, and some accommodations. I did not count yet the details, but I hope that it will be not much more than 400 EUR for each of us. Every costs will be transparent, and money we did not spent, you will get back of course. There is no need for transferring any money, as you decide to take part, you just put the suggested amount in your pocket.

How to come to the Caucasus:

There are a lot of possibilities by air, even for the Germans, a new departure from Berlin to Tbilisi. You need to prepare to pay for the tickets arounf 450-500 EUR, in some cases even 600.
Flights from to New York had been pretty cheap last year. And the cheapest flights from Europe destinations were offered by (with a step-over at Riga)

There are also quite a lot possibilities to go by land, if you want to have the whole adventure, a specialist in that field seems to be Alex now, but I also can give you quite a lot of advises.

Last year I met some nice crazy Polish students, who did the way by Hitch hiking from Warsaw or Krakow in 6 days (so for free ;-))

Other ideas

- We could have a nice slogan for our Reunion, if we want. Suggestions could be send by Email or posted as comments.

- I'll send each of you a small list, with our members so far so you can contact also each other.

- You may post to this blog yourself, if you are familiar with blogging on blogspot-blogs. Please contact me and I give you then the status of an editor. Feel free to post your ideas, works, whatever

- If you are not familiar with blogging, but you want to contribute some of your ideas or art, just send me the material by Email and I post it myself

- Do you have any ideas for any aims/ projects/ manifestos we could have as Club ? Please comment, blog, or send.

Any Questions ?

I hope you are doing fine, best regards, Hans Heiner Buhr

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