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Monday, January 14, 2008

Art Blogs and Discussions

I have quite a couple of Art Blogs in my Newsreader, but there are only a few art blogs around (as far as I know them) who pick up the really sharp issues. Maybe you heard about Edward Winkleman's blog

Edward picks up (and creates sometimes) amazing difficult art issues and the commentators doing their point to discuss the mostly wicked questions. As a non English Native speaker it is very hard to take part in the merciless discussions, where every word is to weigh.

If you like to read hot late night art discussions, then this blog is definitely a place for you. In the recent two posts it goes about taboos, responsibility and courage and the results. There is not made a real connection between the cases of Sooreh Hera and a Czech Arts Collective called Ztohoven, except that they are posted after each other, but the parallels are to me too obvious.

A good addition is the original Guardian blog post on Ztohoven "How art declared war on the media", together with the comments section, here:

So are there still taboos for contemporary art or not ? Was it art at all ? Can/Should art be free of real world reactions and consequences ? But, first read the above posts and discussions.

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