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Thursday, January 31, 2008

True Eye

The guys and girls from True Eye have the new issue True Eye 06 out. I especially liked the works by Juan Ruiz-Velasco Peral (Hey and what a great name !) Gabriel Dishaw has some nice sneaker for geeks on display and some Cyborgs.
You can submit works and True Eye will consider to put them in their next issue True Eye 07.

If you are in Berlin, like Manzur, Gert, Maurice, Rapho, Patricia, Christian and maybe the Romantic Surrealist Herr John you could go to the new paintings by Yoshitaka Amano in his show Deva-Loka at Galerie Michael Janssen till February 29th, at Galerie Michael Janssen, Kochstrasse 60, D-10969 Berlin

I'd like to see that works... ;-0 Here are some good images from Amano by Regine, thanks

Best regards, Hans


  1. Yes I really liked the sneakers. Does that make me a geek? I liked Marcos Lopez's portraits very much. Great link Hans!