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Monday, March 2, 2009

»Of Dark Matter and Gray Substance« Eno Henze @ Marion Scharmann, Cologne

From Art Club Caucasus works by various artists

Eno Henze’s exhibition "Of Dark Matter and Gray Substance" stretches from the cosmic exterior to the innermost human worlds. The laser drawing 'Subjektbeschleuniger' employs traces of cosmic particles as a symbol for the attempt to explain the world with scientific rationality. It counteracts with a series of complex computer drawings of such density and complex structure, that they become interpretable as depictions of an inner condition. In Henze’s work, logic reasoning connects with the sentiments of a fleeting moment.

marion scharmann
schaafenstrasse 10
d-50676 köln

More images from the "Subjektbeschleuniger" here

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