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Monday, March 16, 2009

Oaktabarn [bastards]

Oaktabarn [bastards], originally uploaded by R▲▲S.

In April we (Rosa Menkman and Goto80) will tour through Eastern Europe with Oaktabarn, a live audiovisual performance (occaisionally combined with a lecture), in which we present our family of digital artifacts consisting of Noise, Glitch, Feedback and Compression.

Right now we are trying to make the plans of our tour concrete. We already have some gigs confirmed, but they will all take place in Russia and we would really like to extent the tour to the Ukraine, Belrus and the Baltic States (where we plan to arrive around the 27th of April) and beyond. For this we have nothing definate planned so we are very open for suggestions and/or opportunities coming our way. I really hope you can help us.

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