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Saturday, March 21, 2009

About the Art Club Caucasus

We are a wild loose connection of creative artists from or related to the Caucasus Region !

The best of our works are here

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More details about us

We are a loose network of artists related to:

- the Caucasus Region
- to all other questions of Contemporary Art, Image, Music, Philosophy, History, and life, including politics, economy, human behavior, so what do you want it for, it depends also on you as a possible future member.

- We believe in freedom of speech and in a free and fast Internet.

- Membership is free, voluntarily and can be quit any moment by both sides. There are no legal obligations with a membership.

- We are from Europe, America, Asia and Australia, but we still miss members from Africa and such important countries, like India, China, Russia, Brazil and many other countries. Surf our blog and if you feel like home on it, you could/should consider to ask for membership. We prefer artists who contribute with art and ideas and discussion to our club and of course we are always glad about any support.

From Blurs

Here are some more interesting links for you:

Membership requests: to Hans at

You may follow the Club with Twitter at

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If you are with Facebook, you find the group ( 977 Members ! ) here:

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This is our logo:

and this is me, Hans

h-pk1-grijsz-2, originally uploaded by grijsz.

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