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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PHOTOGALLERY: Gyumri. Works by Arman Tadevosyan.

I like your way of putting a whole image together out of fragments. It seems to establish a relation to how we tend to experience our world, always putting new pieces and fragments together, shaping our very personal way to look at things. In a way it also shows how different images / fragments we are confronted with. I also like the simplicity of the whole thing. The way, the single images have their own set of lighting conditions, and sometimes a perspective which slightly differ from the perspective of the other fragments. I like it especially as this is actually confronting the smooth, technically perfected production of contemporary digital images which we are getting used to through the possibilities of technical perfection.

I have the impression; you are seeking this perfection on another level. I don't know but I also have the impression; you are working more on the resulting outline of each set of fragments. In a way this has an amateuristic effect - you know like the photos of anybody who was just doing some snapshots passing by - but I like this affect it in the combination with your apparent intuitive consciousness choosing motives, standpoints and outline. In the fragments of "a bridge and a seemingly improvised housing area" You seem to have a strong content, contrasting the space of flow( traffic and public advertisement) with the space of place (were people live in the homes, shaping the lives at this place, day for day as the traffic is passing by).

Comment by: Nilsson Samuelsson

Arman Tadevosyan
Vardan Ajemyan street, 47 house
3105 Gyumri
Shirak Marz
Republic of Armenia
Mobile:(+374) (93) 87 72 65

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  1. Wow, nice, I did a same kind of collage here: