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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am back in Tbilisi with new power

after 3 weeks in Germany, rushing through like 1 week. Strange, but I need some time to adopt to Tbilisi. The rules here are different ! 

2009 will be a successful year for the Art Club, I am sure, starting with the new great show by Lado Pochkhua on Tuesday at ARCI Gallery "The Art of Returning Home" see invitation below.

From Drop Box

read the full interview here

I found the time in Berlin to make photos of various paintings from 1986 till 2003, which I will post from time to time and last but not least, I sold 2 works to the Collector Armin Stübe 

From Drop Box
Hunters, 2003

From Drop Box
Portrait of Uwe Martens, 1987

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