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Thursday, January 22, 2009

new member -the hungriestghost-

Dear Art Club,
My name is Mike Lyons Williams.  I am a new member of The Art Club Caucasus.  I wanted to take a few minutes and introduce myself to you and perhaps, to a couple of awesome artists I know who live in the states.  
I grew up and currently live in the Detroit Metro region, in Michigan.  I have been studying art my entire life and it is what fills my heart with passion.  I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006 with a BFA in Film, Animation and Video, although I have always enjoyed painting and drawing even before getting invested in digital medias.  
This is a video of some of my quick sketches from college.  Please pause the video in order to see individual drawings more clearly.  Some are better than others.  A couple aren't even 'technically' mine.
700 Drawings from hungriestghost on Vimeo.

This is a painting from one of my more recent series:


I would love to share more work with you in the future.
A couple of awesome artists you should check are these two guys.
They both live in Boston, MA.
John Campbell:
Drew Simenson:

Well, thanks for letting me share, and if you want to chat you can me at:
or email at
mcdcwilliams [at] gmail [dot] com
Much love, and stay hungry!


  1. Hey, very cool idea with the rushing drawings, (sure you are from the Detroit Techno generation... ;-))

  2. How is life as an artist these days in Detroit ?
    What plans do you have for the next 4-5 years ?
    Any visions to share ?

    Best, Hans

  3. Detroit is not in the best shape. The economy is very bad, but as an artist that gives us the freedom to create without scrutiny. It is a very creative time in detroit and that is very exciting.
    I have a couple ideas for shows in the near future.
    1. A lego show, where everyone who comes will bring their childhood lego sets and together we will create one giant sculpture using our childhood toys.
    2. A 'Please Touch the Paintings' show. A personal show where the main focus is the tactile nature of my paintings and inviting people to experience them not only with their eyes, but with their hands (or face?)
    Using interesting canvas shapes and placement on the wall i want to explore and manipulate that experience.
    : )

  4. Great ideas ! Detroit must be a great place to make art !