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Saturday, November 1, 2008

How can we attract more visitors ? The Art Club Caucasus ?

a question to Lado, Nino, Ralph our Art Club Caucasus members, friends, supporters and other frequent visitors of this blog:

How can our art and this blog get more attention ?

I resume:

- this blog runs almost 1 year now
- it is focused on art experience, mainly via images of art related to the Caucasus Region
- the focus changed recently slightly to Contemporary Art worldwide
- the main contributers are Lado and myself
- Comment activity is very low

Here are some questions, we could think about and discuss:

What are we doing wrong, when we are only received by approximately 30 readers a day ?

How could there be more quality in this blog ? 

How could we improve the relevance of this blog to Artists, Art Critics, Intelligentsia, interested open accidentally crossing visitors ?

Are our posts relevant, interesting, mind provoking ?

What do we want from this blog and Art blogs in General ?

Who are and where are our potential readers ? How we can attract them ?

How can this blog contribute to make our art better known ? 
How can this blog contribute to todays main art issues ?
How can this blog contribute to improve art sales ?

Some of my loose ideas for a possible solution:

a) I assume, that only a minority  of artists (but growing)  worldwide is reading art blogs yet.

b) We could make more works fitted for Youtube, and link back to this blog, like Art in SlideShows, short or longer art videos. Thus try to put our works in the mainspots of the internet, like we try already to do in Flickr. 

c) For sure, there should be more written texts on Contemporary Art questions, but could we do this ourselves, or should we ask friends and folks to write a guest comment on these topics.
Who could be asked ?

d) Should this blog become a little bit more provocative and crazy in a good sense ? And how ?

e) Could adhoc Mini-Net-Work-Projects improve the quality, like f.e. drawing a mother with child in Budapest, in Tbilisi, in New York in Tel Aviv and have the works in 24 or 48 hours online ?

f) What kind of tasks and subjects these Net-Work-Projects could have ?

g) Should we update the Art Club Members more frequently by Email or would this be annoying ?

h) What would YOU like to have and read and see in this blog ?

Best regards, Hans


  1. Hiya Arts Club Caucasus
    I started blogging over four years ago because there were very few artists blogging - and also because the voice of the artist was never really heard. Still not that many artists blogging - though a lot more than there used to be. However, it's worth just keeping on keeping on with it, because over time you get more and more embedded in the networks of art and blogs and visitors do appear. Best, Ivan

  2. Yes, thanks Ivan, we will grow, improve, make better art and get more visitors. See you soon. Hans

  3. Hi,

    I stopped in to your blog by following the link in profile...deciding whether I was interested to follow back.

    My first impression of the blog was that I didn't like some of the art very much personally, but I did find it all very interesting. I would have liked to know more about the people running the blog and it's purpose.

    The blog needs an about us page and the posts need some sort of information about the artist and the meaning of the art they've made or their inspiration for creating it.

    In order to get more comments and traffic, I think the blog needs the above suggestions acted upon as well as sometimes asking visitors to engage by posing some sort of question...such as you did on this post.

    There is so much you can do to promote your blog and get the visibility and interest you desire...