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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Censorship of Internet again ? Flickr down in Turkey ?

flickr-down-in-turkey, originally uploaded by grijsz.

It seems that Turkish (and Georgian*) users again are testing grounds for state-wide restrictions of certain (most important) websites like FLICKR, which is here in Tbilisi, Georgia not reachable since 12 o'clock of Nov. 13th. 

What the hell is now going on ?

Who is doing such destruction ? If you hate free speech, communication and progress, please pull your own switch, but not that of Millions of other users, who's lifes rely for a great part on the use of the Internet ! You can no turn the time back !

FLICKR and BLOGGER and the FREE WORLD WIDE INTERNET, Please HELP against this middle age censorship!

*The main Georgian Internet Provider Caucasus Online uses services of Turkish Providers. Bans of certain sites by Turkey affects the Country of Georgia as well .

Georgia needs a free, stable and independent internet through the Black Sea, when after so many years of blank promises will we get it ? We pay here lots of money every month, almost twice as much as usual in the US or in Europe.

Update: Less than a day it's working now again. Thank you whoever was involved in the solution !

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