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Monday, November 17, 2008

New Member: Sandy C. Farazjou

Sandy is a poet, dreamer, writer, multiartist, observer, critic of society, you name it :) from Oslo, Norway

Her blog is at

and here we give you a tasting:

Sometimes when I close my eyes, I see you

daydreaming of you while
stretching in my bed,
slowly waking up...
the thought of skin, available and warm,
eyes wanting me, being able to taste every
piece and part, no boundaries, no rules.
I could make you cry if you wanted to, if I needed to.
but a daydream is what it is, and the rough sun
blinding me as I roll out of bed alone, leaves
me aching, longing back to the sweet moments
of dark slumber, replacing my solitude with you.

Welcome Sandy !

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