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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some updates regarding our Reunion in Tusheti, August 2008

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I had a chat this afternoon with Daniel from Romania about the planned trip to Tusheti.
I post here parts of it for you, to be informed. Please let me know, if somebody of you decided more or less 100% to join: Best regards, Hans Heiner Buhr

Guest: hello Hans! I am Daniel Balanescu. Can you give me more details about the planned Reunion in August? Hope to not disturb you...

me: No, no problem, the idea is, that, so far as the Art Club Caucasus exists only in the web, that our members meet each other and maybe work together, or work alone, on a nice journey, once a year, and this year I decided to go to the Mountain region of Tusheti in Eastern Georgia

Guest: that is a great idea! It is better than Paris ...

me: See these links here

Guest: Where is the link?



So, the idea is, to meet and being in an exotic place and discuss and make art for that it becomes a real force ...more than an idea, but of course

I know, that not everybody can and wants to join

this year, so its just a possibility I organize... this Summer maybe 15 artists in Tusheti and next year 20 somewhere else in the Caucasus...

Guest: it is so good that you start it.

me: because artists around the world have the same problem: they are single fighting for recognition, but I want to combine the interest in a region like the Caucasus with the interest in new related art and artists

Guest: I wish so much to be there! but for me with my new child, I don't know well what I will do in the future. I don't want to cause any trouble.

me: Yes, sure, its no problem, I know, I have myself 3 children of 7, 5 and 2 years, I know the problems...

Guest: may be next year it will be possible. I talk with my wife and she can let me go ! [smile])))

me: so nobody needs to come, just who wishes and can effort time and money...

Guest: you are a rich person! with your children!

me: there are many people from Germany, who can not come for certain reasons...

Guest: Hans can you tell me, just for have an idea, how much money need an artist for this ?

me: I calculated 300 EUR for here, but plus the prices you pay for the flight

Guest: I will see also with the plane ticket etc. . but I am interested because I want to join you there once.

me: I calculate for the cheapest price possible, and money we do not need, every artist gets back... So, I also run a Tourism Company, but that project is not a part of my tourism, I do not want to make any money from the Art Club from our journeys

me: because Tourism is Tourism and the Art Club is something else, and most artists do not have a lot of money to spend, but still we need to pay something for our transport, food and accommodation

Guest: it is normal Hans! and is better for you also to find good things and if it is necessary to pay by the artist, I don't think it will be a problem

me: So, everybody who joins, should come here by 15th-16th August to Tbilisi, that we can startour adventure on the 17th to Tusheti

Guest: What about the temperature in August in the Mountains ?

me: It can be warm like 25-30 Celsius in the sun, but as we are on 2000 m altitude and higher, at night it can be close to zero already.

Guest: ok. thank you again for all! If I can help you with something from here,let me know!

me: where we will stay 8-9 days and after that, everybody is free to return home or to continue the stay in Georgia individually, ok, now I gave you the facts

Guest: Ok. I understand.

me: and you have time, to make your plans and think about it otherwise you can of course also join next summer to a different destination in the Caucasus

tusheti-road2, originally uploaded by grijsz.

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