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Friday, April 25, 2008

A first draft of Who joins Tusheti (probably) so far

this list will update from time to time

Start from Tbilisi: 17.08. 10 am
Return to Tbilisi: 27.08. 8 pm (who needs can of course go earlier back)

Hans Heiner Buhr
Ralph Rapho Hälbig
Eno Henze
Graf Oto von Rubin
Avto Meskhi
Alex JTB
Oleg Timchenko
Misha Shengelia
Rusiko Oat
Pridon Beroshvili
Murtazi Shvelidze
Lado Pochkhua
Elizabeth Eagen ?
Irma Sharikadze ?
Nino Biniashvili ?
Guy Richards Smit ?
Andreas Thieme ?
Timo Vogt ?

(?) means still under question

Who else thinks about to join seriously ?

Best regards, Hans ( )

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