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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kay-Uwe Einecke - Guest post for Art Club Caucasus

My Style is puristic Minimalism, abstract , unusually  

Motives/ Details, Words taken from the everyday life with philosophical, ironic, medial  & political Meanings, cuttings (small details), coloured or black & white from things faced us in our World!

The World, the everyday life as Art , the Microcosmos, the burning glass of things in this World.

I will try to show my special Point of view who is different from the World we knowing…to thinking about live & ourselves….

“…it´s the highest Art to create something special from something banal!”

“Since I know you i´lI see the World with other Eyes” (My biggest Praise)

Working examples: 2.Place from 600 (2008)  Picture author  Kay-Uwe Einecke
Making the Pics for the Years catalogue  2009 of PSD Bank Augsburg (Germany)
Coverfoto for the Book Simon Lewis “GO” 2010 Rowohlt Verlag (Germany)
Coverfoto for Juan Gomez-Jurado “Das Zeichen des Verräters”(Germany)
Coverfoto for Kate Pepper´s „7 Minutes to late“ Rowohlt Verlag 2011(Germany)

Born 11 February 1970 in Dessau/ Germany
Profession: Cook
Study on MBA (Master of Business School) in Leipzig
Working many years in different Hotels & Companys
Team Leader Football Security since 10 years in Stadium “Allianz Arena” Munich for Fc Bayern
Munich & TSV 1860 Munich & Nationalteam
photographic  Autodidact, first steps into photography with Portraits of the son and different
experiences with modelshootings let me find my Way/Style easyier…

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