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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PAINTING: The Black Letter. By Lado Pochkhua

My friend the georgian artist Lado Pochkhua finished some works in Budapest in his studio. All the time I would like to publishing some works here. In the last night I uploaded some works on my flickr account. And today I could see the rally in the football stadion in a short clip of (Tens of thousend rally / and one man >>>). This painting haven't to doing anything with that. But interesting for me is the association between the expression of this painting and the painful performance for the official world from the single opposition guy in the centre of the arena today. Maybe he have seen to often the fiction of Spartacus in his childhood. For me it is not a trustfull event. Georgia need more reflectiveness!

Lado himself my best wishes and congratulation for the exhibition in the Prague Biennale2!

more photos from the art by Lado Pochkhua >>>

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