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Thursday, February 26, 2009

As Postmodernism is a bit outdated

the good old POMO, ;-8, bye, it was a great time with you

more on Postmodernism here:

I suppose we need a new term to deal with, where we are in now. Any Ideas ?

I say we should call it MODERN INFORMATION, so we renew the term modern in the best sense it was meant and widen the field of art to the intentionally artificial and systematic composition of any information, be it color, be it dots, bits, letters, notes, sounds, ideas ++++

The age could start with the founding of Google at 7th September 1998. 

Best regards, Hans

PS Also ICANN was found in that time, in October 1998


  1. shinmassu

    meaning: new mass communication.

  2. = Mass Media ? ;-() We had that in Communism already ;-) LOL

    Thanks for Commenting ! Best regards, Hans