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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hans Heiner Buhr Conceptual Show at New Art Tbilisi

From Drop Box
Dear Art Friends,

I would like to invite you to my Conceptual Show on Friday, 17th of October at 7pm to New Art Café Tbilisi at Rusiko and Misha !

We will have a nice time.
The show goes for 12 days. Limited prints are for sale for GEL 20.

Best regards, Hans Heiner Buhr

New Art Café
31, V. Orbeliani Str. (a small street between Kolkhos-Square (Flowers-Bazaar) and Sanapiro-Left Bank)
Tbilisi 0105 Georgia
Tel. 995 32 987544;
995 99 970049; 995 99 720906

See on Google Maps here:,44.804285&spn=0.006264,0.009313&t=h&z=17&msid=109477936576110145066.00045936901634ab2e278

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