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Thursday, March 20, 2008

What statistics tell us about the Art Club Caucasus

We have about 31 visitors a day now, not very much, ;-) but it will hopefully improve with the quality of our works ;-) but from 52 countries last month !! from all over the world. Most came from Georgia itself, from the US, Germany, the UK, Hungary, Poland, France, Norway. The average visitor stays 41 seconds on our page, enough to get some good Art Flashes into his eyes, I guess...

Somebody from Uruguay did a Google search on the term "why the art club is important" and got a number 1 hit with our page, I hope he/she found a good answer here ;-)

A Spanish Blogger on Germany quoted the post by Holger John about the protests against the new Bridge in Dresden

What else ?

Guy takes part in a show in Sidney

"The work of seven artists resident in either New York or Los Angeles will be on show at GBK from Wednesday 19 March through to Saturday 12 April, exhibiting the extraordinary diversity of the two major art centers of the United States.

Exhibiting are Mark Bennett (lithographs), Ivan Navarro (video and photography), Vincent Ramos (time-based wall installation), Guy Richards Smit (video and watercolours) Seher Shah (prints and drawings), Grant Stevens (video and work on paper), and Rosha Yaghmai (installation and drawing)."


Gallery Barry Keldoulis
Young Street, Waterloo, 2017
Sydney, Australia

Tues - Sat 11-6
+61 (02) 8399 1240
+61 (0) 414 864 445

and Lado Pochkua opened a new blog called artifacts. at

I myself prepare for my Horse Thief Show next week at Baias Gallery and started to put all the related works on an extra blog called

and we have a journalist here right now from a high level German magazine to whom I tell a little about our Club ;-)

Any news forgotten ? Please send.

I hope you are doing fine, best regards, Hans

Invitation, originally uploaded by grijsz.

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  1. It looks like things are going really well. Thanks for all your work on the blog Hans and good luck with your exhibition!