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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Newest Member: Timo Vogt/Randbild

Timo Vogt, Abkhazia

Timo Vogt, Kazbegi, Gergeti

Timo Vogt, Sokhumi

Timo Vogt, Tskhinvali

I am proud to welcome Timo Vogt and his Photo Agency Randbild in the Art Club Caucasus International. Timo travelled the whole Caucasus Area various times and fell in love to it. He has a talent to catch situations, which look at first glance common, but develop to a true time witness/ Zeitgeist photo with a deeper look. Timo will marry his girl-friend Tine in June in Germany, our best wishes to them from the Club.


  1. I am envying.
    I have always wanted to deal with the reporter's photograph. Some are really rousing. Peculiarly they appeal to me photos from the g8.