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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Listen to the Dandy Revolutionary the great V.V.Mayakovsky, beam back to 1920

The famous Russian Poet Vladimir Mayakovsky 1893-1930 reads one of his poems in an audio recording of 1920: "Extraordinary adventure, formerly with Vladimir Mayakovsky summer at the dacha". Illustrations by himself.

This little piece cost me 2 days work. I hope Youtube and Google Video soon supports the upload of Flash-files, as this would have made the texts and details much better readable and the file-size much smaller. I want to give you this as an example: The Flash swf-file itself is as seen here only 786 KB, but for Youtube/Google it needs to be exported as avi or wmf-file and this generates unbelievable sizes of 88 MB as .avi. Now this avi-file can be converted into wmf and is still 8,8 MB big. This file can now be uploaded to Youtube/Google, where it is on-the-fly converted into.... Flash ! again, but now with a terrible quality of details, as you see above. In German we call this waste of time and bandload and ressources "to saddle the horse from the back"

Enjoy, and listen to the great Poets own voice, who is the all-time poet I admire most ;-) !
translated poems into English you'll find here:

Here is Link to the original text: 
НЕОБЫЧАЙНОЕ ПРИКЛЮЧЕНИЕ, БЫВШЕЕ С ВЛАДИМИРОМ МАЯКОВСКИМ ЛЕТОМ НА ДАЧЕНеобычайное_приключение,_бывшее_с_Владимиром_Маяковским_летом_на_даче_(Маяковский)

120 pages of Mayakovskys poems at Wikipedia in Russian:Категория:Поэзия_Владимира_Маяковского

Drawings by Maykovsky:

Illustrations for poems 1917-1923

Audio files at Wikipedia:Владимир_Владимирович_Маяковский

2 original sheets of his manuscripts:

Agitation (texts with graphics, 1923) Агитлубки (1923)

Illustrations 1923

Commercial design by Mayakovsky

Drawings for CollectivizationКолективное 1923-1925 Posters with texts

Small drawings on letters and forms

Illustrations for Mystery Buffo

and last but not least, Mayakovsky's full oevre atМаяковский Владимир Владимирович: Полное собрание сочинений at

Best regards, Hans

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