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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Poor and Rich project by some of the Hard Core Artists

a talk

a mother
a mother

a moment

an observation


Working for a Group show we have in March or April in Karvasla poor-rich

 International artists of the Hard Core Artists from Japan, San Francisco and Amsterdam will contribute to this show, that will take place in April 2012 at Caravanserail Tbilisi -

so it becomes already a real Group project now

from inside Georgia will take part

Bessa Kartlelishvili
Nugzari Natenadze
Graf Oto von Rubin
Avto Meskhi
Hans Heiner Buhr

on the International list of Artists are so far

Andrea Kobayashi
Andreas Agam
Jurgen Trautwein

What's up next ?

I will post here and on the Facebook page photos of the exhibition space at Caravanserail

who else wants to take part ?


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