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Monday, December 19, 2011

“Pirimze”project by visual artists Sophia Tabatadze.

Public opening on 22nd of December at 18.00 hours.

22-25 December 2011 at Atoneli street 18 A

Public discussions and presentations on 22, 23 and 25th of December, exact program will be announced on the opening.

Pirimze building was built in 1971 in Soviet Georgia. It had 6 floors and handworkers all kinds were employed there. Basically everything could be repaired in Pirimze: shoes, watches, glasses, jewelry, bags, suitcases, belts, hairdryers, kitchen machinery; Knifes and scissors could be sharpened, hair could be cut and shoes polished; Sewers of fur, leather and fabric would sew individual closing for costumers.

In her research Sophia Tabatadze collected all sort of information about Pirimze. This collection consists of architectural sketches of old and new Pirimze; Photos and videos of numerous smaller shops that emerged bearing the same name Pirimze scattered in the surroundings of original Pirimze; Information about the location and photographs of old Pirimze from the architectural books and newspapers; Drawings made of the construction during the transition from old to new Pirimze; Photos and video collages made by former workers and interview with people who worked there.

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  1. Merry Xmas Pirimze! I'm so happy Sophia project came out! I would have loved to be there and celebrate.