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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BLOG: Critical thoughts about Georgian Contemporary Art Situation. By Nini Palavandishvili (

(Raw material, fragment)

Contemporary art and contemporary art environment is very young term in Georgia. In 2004, as i returned from Germany to Georgia, the situation i found was very difficult in terms of there was no public present of contemporary art scene in Georgia. All the active artist were working in their ateliers and there was no communication taking place in the general public. There are several problems, which are reciprocal and accumulate a general situation which we face today in Georgia's art scene.
There is no pre-programmed residency available in Tbilisi (there are art pensions for artists), and very rear opportunities for curators and theoreticians to work in and about Georgia and Caucasus. It is important to stress that our residency program is emphasizing a collaborative process with institutions, organizations and culture producers from the Caucasus region to strengthen and extend the artistic foundation of this area and to encourage and stimulate the exchange of knowledge and the production of significant cultural projects on long-term basis.
Since couple of years Georgian ministry of culture started to support Georgian art scene in some way, with their financial support Georgia is represented at Venice Biannale since 2007. Since two years Artisterium - International Contemporary Art Exhibition takes place in Tbilisi There are several curators, interested in Georgian art scene, supporting it and contributing to its development, Daniel Bauman is organising since 2004 international art projects called Tbilisi.
Also Goethe Institute and British Council in Georgia are supporting exchange between contemporary artist from and to Georgia very much.

full article in the amazing blog by Nino Biniashvili >>>

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