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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Archidrome presents Feminist Art Studio SPERO

The project Feminist Art Studio “Spero” aimed to promote feminist art in Georgia; to enable women artists in Georgia to work and become more visible; to ensure women’s better access to art resources; to encourage a better representation of women artist in contemporary art of Georgia. The objectives of the project included the following: setting up a feminist art studio which serves female art students, artists and art lovers and is equipped with necessary facilities for creating a comfortable atmosphere for working; promoting feminist values among the participants; enabling them to paint and draw free of charge; raising public interest in feminist art and women artists’ work through the studio discussions.

As a result of the project implementation, the Feminist Art Studio Spero worked for 6 months and provided studio space and art resources to 10 women artists; enabled them to work with models; organized two discussions on women artists and feminist art. The studio was equipped with all necessary materials for painting and drawing and created a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for working. The studio served specifically to professional and amateur women artists, who are unable to afford expensive art materials and studios for working. 10 artists used all the studio resources free of charge during the six months of the project life. During the project implementation, two public discussions were organized devoted to the work of raising women artists’ and public’s consciousness about feminist art. The studio ensured women artists’ access to expensive art materials and also, to albums and books on feminist and women’s art.

1. Tamuna Archvadze
2. Tamar Bochorishvili
3. Nino Chabashvili
4. Ane Cheishvili
5. Salome Ganiashvili
6. Tamriko Gudushauri
7. Qristine Kakabadze
8. Nino Margvelashvili
9. Ana Tabatadze
10. Salome Tsagareishvili
11. Anuka Tsertsvadze
12. Gvantsa Jgharkava
13. Medea Qoqiashvili
14. Ia Khatiashvili

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