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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Portraits from the Silk Road

hat seller
Hat seller, Bukhara

elderly woman
Elderly woman, Samarkand

mother with baby
Mother and son, Samarkand

Woman from Samarkand
Woman, Samarkand

an Artist from Samarkand
Artist from Samarkand

father and son
Father and son, Samarkand

Man from Bukhara
a man from Bukhara

Akbar, Bukhara

Girl working on a Carpet, Bukhara
Girl working on a carpet, Bukhara

Puppet player
Puppet player, Bukhara

puppet player, Bukhara
Puppet player, Bukhara

Bukhara school kids
School kids, Bukhara

Woman in Bukhara
Business woman, Bukhara

Jamshed, Samarkand, soon to be a groom

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