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Thursday, November 5, 2009

TIPP: The Georgian Photographer Beso Uznadze

Times ago I had seen the photos from Beso Uznadze ... but today I read a blog. There I could read the writer and photographer Collin Pantall was impressed about his work. And for me it was gso awesome that I could see the photos - abvove all the portraits again. This time I will publishing all links here on Enjoy this amazing work!
Besos Website is here

BJP International Photography Prize

Beso Uznadze wins BJP's International Photography Award

Great Photodocumentation: Disappearing Villages
The loss of culture in the post-Soviet Georgia. By Beso Uznadze

On April 9th, 1991, following a national referendum, the Georgian Supreme Soviet declared the independence of Georgia from the Soviet Union. Within weeks, Zviad Gamsaxurdia, Georgia’s first popularly elected President, promised a brighter future for this fledgling mountainous republic. Twelve years later, Georgians tell a story of fear of civil war, economic collapse and impoverishment.

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